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Learning how to play recreational sports is fundamental as part of social development. Sports allow kids to use their bodies appropriately to interact. Athletes with special needs often need extra support to acquire these skills. Through scholarships for programs that can facilitate the needs of athletes with disabilities we will ensure positive, safe and fun learning experience.




Fundamental gross motor skills can be a challenge for those with disabilities and gymnastics can help facilitate the most basic movements for targeted development.



All kids should have the opportunity to learn swimming skills both for safety and recration.The number one cause of death for children ​with Autism is drowning. The scholarships that We Care Special Sports provides will help aide kids and young adults with various disabilities learn to swim independently and be safe in the water.

Sibling Workshops

Often, siblings of those with special needs don't have the opportunity to participate in recreational activities or spend quality one on one time with parents. In offering scholarships to siblings we will provide an opportunity to connect with family while also making new friends.

Parent Workshops

Parent advocacy, education and awareness is essential when making decisions in your child's best interest. We aim to provide parents/guardians with seminars and training from local professionals to help them determine the best path to success for their special needs child. 


Social Skills Building

Social interaction between special needs children is a challenging and ever present issue for families to deal with. By creating structured opportunities for play and recreation, we can help children hone their social skills and be contributing members of our community. ​

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